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Welcome to no sticker shock!

Here, I share experiences in personal finance so together we can eliminate the “sticker shock” of how much our decisions are costing us and be proactive about our finances.

Full disclaimer: I am not paid for much of my work here (yet!) and if any of my links are affiliated, I let you know. Just by you being here, though, you’re supporting my life in some small way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You can also support by suggesting or giving any feedback on no sticker shock finance experiments. For all the people I’ve geeked out with about personal finance and all the people who come to me for random finance advice (and how that fits in with living a life that’s sustainable, respectful, and conscious, this is for you).

Here are some quick links for my personal finance consulting clients. Learn more about me here.


My Cash Sending Links:

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My Affiliate Referral Links  [Updated on July 8, 2018]

Below are some ways to support me financially through products I use and enjoy!

AirBnB – When you use my link to travel on Airbnb, we both get $35 in travel credit. When you welcome their first guest, I’ll get $75 in travel credit!

AmEx Blue Cash – If you’re interested in the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express, send me your email so I can refer you. We’ll get $100 back after you spend $1,000 in purchases on the card within the first 3 months of Card Membership.

Aspiration – Every time someone opens an account using my link, we both will receive $25 Do Good dollars to donate to the charitable cause of our choice.

Betterment – The offer is valid only for new individual accounts with Betterment and only for “people I know personally who will be glad to get them”. To qualify for the bonus of a free year per 3 referred friend using my link, referred friends must make an initial deposit within 90 days of signup and not withdraw that initial deposit for 90 days.

Blue Apron – I started cooking with them in the beginning of February and I love them so far! I don’t think I’ll be ordering from them every month (and I’ll prob write a post as to why) but if you’d like a free meal, send me your email – I also would get $20 credit if you end up ordering food from them. – Book your accommodations with and we’ll each get $25 if you use my link:

Brandless – Use this link to get $6 towards their better-for-you everyday essentials like organic snacks and tree free bath tissue. The best part? It’s all just $3 AND delivered right to your doorstep.

Capital One 360 Checking – There’s a $20 bonus for both of us when you open a Capital One 360 Account with this link [with an initial deposit of $250+ from a non-Capital One 360 account, and that have a total of 3 Debit Card purchases or Person2Person Payments (or any combo of the two) post to the account within 45 days of account opening]

Chime – Chime rounds your purchases to the nearest dollar and deposits the difference into your savings account. To boost your savings, there’s a 10% bonus every week. PLUS, set up your direct deposit and get it a couple days early. Sign up with my link and get $10 when you deposit at least $25.

CoinBase – Buy or sell $100 of digital currency or more after signing up with my link, and we’ll both earn $10 of free bitcoin!

Daily Harvest – Looking for a half price deal on delicious superfood smoothies or soups delivered to your door? Link:

Debitize – If you successfully activate a Debitize account with my link, and have at least 5 automated Debitize withdrawals, both you and I will receive a $10 account credit.

Digit – Digit helps people save money without thinking about it. Use my referral link when you create a new account and I’ll get $5. [I won

Dropbox –  Join and install Dropbox through this link, and you’ll get an extra 500 MB added to your 2 GB of free space (and give me an extra 500 MB of space too!).

Ebates – If you sign up for this site that pays you to shop online using my link, I’ll get $25 and a chance to will a 2016 Toyota Highlander =) [until 12/10/17]

Fuel Rewards by Shell – If you join Shell’s Fuel Rewards program using my link, I’ll get 25¢/gal on your first reward.

Gobble – Here’s a link to try Gobble and get two meals for free! They do all the prep work and send you easy one pan dinner kits that you can cook in 10 – 15 minutes.

Graze – Get your 1st and 5th box free when you open a new account with my link and I’ll get $1 off my monthly $12 box.

Hello Fresh – Save $40 on your first Box with my code LILIBETHA or link at !

Honey – Honey finds & applies coupon codes at checkout FOR YOU so you can get back to wasting time online 😉

Hulu – Get 30 days free to start your free trial and start streaming shows and movies on Hulu if you use my link or share your email with me.

InboxPays – If you start earning on Inboxpays by signing up with my link, I’ll start earning 10% of your referrals! Once you request payment, 10% of the survey earnings will be credited to my account!

Kiva – Give microloans to people in need around the world with my link that will help me donate $25 in your name as a new user with my link:

PayPal – For each friend who joins PayPal with my link and makes an eligible purchase, PayPal will give us both $5 to spend using PayPal.         

Planted – We would both earn $100 in Amazon credit if you sign up for Planted with my link and are hired into a qualified, full-time position with this link.

Plexcoin – Use my link to open an account and we’ll each get a 5% bonus!

theSkimm – Sign up for this free awesome email newsletter with my link and I’ll get perks like shirts, umbrellas, and backpacks!

Raise – Buy discounted gift cards with a one year guarantee!  Open with my link and I’ll get $5!

Rush Card –  Apply for this visa prepaid card, set your PIN, and load funds at least equal $10, we’ll each get a $30 bonus loaded to each of our RushCard accounts when you use my link.

Road Scholar – Know someone who loves learning and adventure? Let me know their (or your!) full name and address and I’ll enter into the monthly raffle for a Road Scholar gift certificate. If our names are selected I’ll receive a $1,000 Road Scholar gift certificate and the referred gets a $500 gift certificate!

SmartyPig – SmartPig is an awesome interest bearing savings account (.85%) which I just started. It’s awesome because you can categorize what you’re saving for individually. If you give me your email and open an account with $25 within 30 days, I’ll get ten bucks. Thanks!

SimplyWall.St – Simply Wall St helps investors make better informed decisions by turning complicated data into simple visuals. Use my link to get a free unlimited month!

SoFi – If you or someone in your life could benefit from SoFi, send them my unique referral link; I’ll get a $300 referral bonus and you’ll/they’ll get a $100 welcome bonus when student and parent PLUS loans are refinanced or a personal loan is taken out.

Square Cash – I use the Cash app to send and receive money freely from any checking account. Try it using my code or link and we’ll each get $10 when you send $5+. Code: RJRMDMF

TopCashBack – TopCashback has partnered with a wide range of stores to offer discounts on your online shopping. When you shop via their partner stores, they will pay a commission for your purchases. Your TopCashback account will be credited and so long as you don’t return the goods we will be able to pass this commission onto you as ‘cashback’. I’ll receive $10 when you sign up for a free account using my link

Vistaprint – If you send me your email so I can refer you, I’ll get $10 off business cards, marketing materials and signs and posters when you order from the link sent. I bought 250 business cards there for $15. Maybe I’ll buy some more with those ten bucks, but I’m actually looking to have my next business cards come from a more earth-friendly source.

WiseBanyan – it’s free and helping me achieve my financial goals. Use my invite link to join and get $20!

Worldpackers – “Find unique places where you can exchange your skills for accommodation. Traveling changes people. People change the world.” If you use my link to sign up for free, we each get $10 in travel credit.

Xoom –  If your first transfer is $400 or more (transaction fee excluded) using my link, we’ll both get a $20 Amazon eGift card.

YNAB or You Need A Budget! – Ok, this is going to sound crazy but my new favorite thing is budgeting with YNAB and you have to try it! It completely changed the way I think about money, the way I spend money, and for the first time in—ever?—I’m not stressed. I have a plan. You will thank me later—don’t pass Go, don’t collect $200, just sign-up for YNAB for free for the first month! Use my link and get another free month:


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