Deodorant Making: Saving myself from buying deo (& all its chemicals)

Sticker price: -$200 a decade

Instead, make it yourself, spend a tenth of that, and save yourself from all those harsh chemicals.

I could trace my deodorant switch back to when my cousins were trying everything they could have a baby. That included trying to reduce any chemicals that affected them. I offered to start some experimenting with them to show some solidarity and most habits stuck with me. A few of those included using a menstrual cup, watching the foods I ate, and not using store bought shampoo, conditioner, or deodorant.

I started making my own deodorant originally to limit the chemicals I had absorbing into my body, but quickly realized it’s one more thing I can minimize in my life & save money on. Instead of paying, say, $5 every few months (or $200+ a decade!) for 2.6oz deodorant, I buy coconut oil, baking soda, & cornstarch which lasts me much longer. If I were to entertain the idea of knowing exact measurements, it would look something like this: $10 on a 12-ounce jar of coconut oil, $1 for a small box of baking soda, and $2 for cornstarch.

I take equal parts coconut oil, baking soda, & cornstarch and mix them until it’s a pasty consistency. A teeny 3-ounce container could last me 6 months when I take about two fingernail’s worth every time I put deo.

With those costs, I could spend the $13 to last me a few years instead of $20ish for one year with ordinary deo. So basically I spend 40 cents a month on my deo instead of $2 a month for regular deo, saving me about $20 a year all the while ditching all those nasty chemicals that mess with my system. Plus, making it is pretty fun.

Have you ever made your own deodorant? Do you know anyone who does? If so, how’s it done? Do you find that you’re saving money? Please share!

PS Here’s an article by OffTheGridNews that details how they recommend you make your own deodorant. Check it out.


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